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Find out why high tech aerospace & robotics company MDA chose Richmond. Discover the competitive advantages adding to the bottom line of food producer Nature's Path. Richmond’s location advantages for trade and tourism outlined by Vancouver International Airport Authority President & CEO.
Resilient Economy Strategy Adopted Sets City of Richmond's economic development priorities
Richmond City Council has approved a new Resilient Economy Strategy, updating the City’s 2002 Economic Development Strategy and setting priority action items for the City’s economic development portfolio for the next three to five years.

The Resilient Economy Strategy proposes nine core initiatives and associated action items. Some of these initiatives, such as strengthening Richmond’s role as a gateway for goods import and export and increasing the tourism sector in Richmond, target industries that present growth opportunities based on Richmond’s geographic, community and infrastructure assets. Other initiatives, such as retaining and supporting existing businesses and increasing Richmond’s capacity to accommodate light industrial businesses are intended to strengthen the city as a location for a wide range of businesses.

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Richmond Business Development Report from the City's 2013 program
The City of Richmond is committed to providing a high level of service to our business community. In 2013 the Economic Development Office launched a business development initiative which serves to increase communication and engagement with local businesses, and to facilitate business retention, expansion, start-up and attraction opportunities.

Outcomes from the 2013 program and analysis of trends, opportunities and concerns faced by the Richmond business community are highlighted in the 2013 Report.
Mayor Brodie's Annual Address Highlights social, economic gains in Richmond
Mayor Malcolm Brodie highlighted the City of Richmond’s strong progress in meeting the community’s social and economic needs for the future, when he delivered his Annual Address on January 21.

The full text of the Mayor’s Annual Address is available on the City website.

“These are remarkable days in Richmond’s history,” said Mayor Brodie, who delivered an abridged Annual Address at a Richmond Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Tuesday, January 21. “With our current population in excess of 200,000 and expected to grow by 40 per cent in less than 30 years, we have laid the foundation for future growth. This increase, along with substantial job growth ensures a bright future and a robust residential and economic base.” Mayor Brodie noted the projections for continued strong growth for Richmond is reflected in construction value of building permits issued in the City which has exceeded $2.7 billion.
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